My Clutch Is Acting Funny! What Could Be Wrong?

We here at Oxford Auto & Tire will need to take a look at your vehicle’s clutch to determine exactly what is wrong with it, but there are some common signs of clutch problems and their causes that we’ll list below. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the longer you wait to have your clutch serviced or replaced, the more damage you will cause to your automobile’s manual transmission.


Sponginess underneath your foot is a common sign that the clutch is going out. If you have a hydraulic clutch, the hydraulic release mechanism could be the problem. This can also be a sign of internal wear that causes the clutch to feel spongy or sink all the way to the floor.

Hot Odors

If your clutch is slipping, it will create excess friction that causes excess heat and burning smells. You might also hear your clutch make rattling noises when you aren’t depressing it. This is a sign that the clutch needs to be replaced.

Gear Trouble

Internal wear will also make it hard to change gears or get your car, truck, or UV into gear in the first place. You might fight to get the vehicle out of neutral and into any gear. The vehicle might also resist gear changes throughout the cycle.

Catch/Biting Point

Whether you call it the catch or biting point, any change to where your clutch catches or bites is a sign of clutch wear and tear. Generally, the biting point will get higher in the clutch pressure point. Any changes in the catch should be looked into.


If your clutch is unable to send enough power to the wheels, your vehicle will hesitate when you accelerate from a stop. It will also hesitate when you try to pick up speed. This is a sign that your clutch is slipping, i.e., needs to be replaced.


Finally, grinding gears indicates the clutch is unable to engage and disengage properly when you shift into gear or in between gears. Replacing worn parts might solve the problem or, depending on the internal damage, you might need a new clutch.

Oxford Auto & Tire in Oxford, PA, isn’t trying to be the bearer of bad news. We can inspect your clutch and recommend the best solution to fix it without breaking the bank. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a clutch inspection. We will also inspect and service your transmission if it needs it.

Photo by irman from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro