Crucial Tire and Wheel Services to Extend Your Tire Life

Taking care of your tires and wheels ensures that you get the guaranteed mileage out of the tires. If you fail to maintain your tires and the wheels, you won’t get as many miles as was guaranteed when you purchased the set. Oxford Auto & Tire offers our customers full automotive services including tire and wheel services. We can make sure that you get every mile out of your tires that you deserve. Here are some crucial services that we offer as well as some things that you can do yourself.

Air Check

One thing you can do yourself is to check the air in your tires at least every two weeks. Purchase a tire gauge from the auto parts store and check the air in each tire including the spare. Make sure that you always have the recommended PSI in each tire. If you don’t, add air to the tires that are low. Keeping the right air pressure in each tire helps extend its life and reduces uneven tire tread wear.


Inspect your tires while you are checking their air pressure. Inspect the tread to make sure that you don’t see patches, feathers, or scallops. Also, check for excess wear along the edges of each tire. Look at the sides of your tires, as well to make sure you don’t see any bubbling or cracking. If anything looks out of the ordinary, it most likely is.

Tire Rotation

In order to ensure that your tire tread wears down evenly, it’s important to get your tires rotated every 6,000 miles. You can help yourself remember the service by having it done at every other oil change. Rotating the tires gives each tire a chance to have different pressure points from the brake system and the road. This wears down the tire tread in an even manner.

Wheel Balance

One thing that will chew up your tire tread quicker than anything else is if your wheels are out of balance. A sign that your wheels are out of balance is your vehicle vibrating harder and harder the more you pick up speed. You will also be able to hear your wheels wobbling on the road. This can make controlling your automobile difficult, so have the wheels rebalanced ASAP.

Wheel Alignment

Finally, when you had the new set of tires put on your automobile, you should have had the wheels aligned then. After this point, you generally do not need to have your wheels aligned for two years. If your vehicle is pulling to the side or your steering wheel is off-center, however, you need to get your wheels aligned.

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Photo by ekapong_1980 from Getty Images Pro via Canva Pro